On paper most landscape maintenance service contractors appear to offer a similar service.  All cut grass, weed and cultivate gardens,promise to keep lawns weed free green, and healthy, as well as trim the shrubs, and prune the trees. However, despite this similarity the end product delivered by various varies widely.  We offer quality product at a very competitive  price for the results we achieve.

 Our annual flower displays are attractive, well thought out, and applied  variety of plant material, developed for the application, and environmental conditions involved.

Condominium Maintenance

Lawns are kept green, and healthy as well as free of weeds and harmful insects. We use quality fertilizers blended to meet the site requirements.   Mowing patterns are formalized, edges are neat and well defined. Walks and other paved surfaces are clean and debris free. Irrigation systems are  monitored, and clients advised of needed adjustments needed when necessary.

Tree, shrub and planting beds are maintained weed free, cultivated and properly hedged.
 If nutrient deficient, amendments are recommended. If maintenance costs can be reduced mulching may be suggested

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